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Bolerame Boxers Reg'd recommends the following veterinarians:

Dr. Mark Norman, Fishcreek 24 Hr Pet Hospital, Calgary, Ab.
Dr. Mark Rubensohn, Bridlewood Veterinary Clinic, Calgary, Ab.
Dr. Mark Rubensohn, Okotoks Veterinary Hospital, Okotoks, Ab
Tri Lake Pet Hospital, Winfield, BC.
NOTE:  We highly DISCOURAGE any of our puppy, puppies or boxer purchasers / owners, in the
Kamloops region, from using the Riverside Small Animal Hospital due to Matt Nicols personal attack on
the breeders of docked and cropped breeds.
Bolerame Boxers Reg'd is proud to be members of
The Canadian Kennel Club
The Boxer Club of Canada
Read an excellent article on the cropping controversy.  Pertains to all cropped breeds.  
Read what can happen to an uncropped ear and the surgery needed to repair it
A US veterinarian speaks out on PETA and praises the Westminister Dog Show.
HERE to read.
Nova Scotia