Hey Lena and Bob,

We never thought he (Rocco) would bring so much joy to the house, we are really glad about our choice. My
sister made the comment the other day when I sent her a picture of him that she always did not like the look
of Boxers but after seeing Rocco she was like he is the most beautiful dog she had ever seen. I told her his
personality is even better, The vet also commented on his temperament. We are really happy that we did our  
research and got a Boxer from an Excellent breeder. Hats off to you for your breeding practices. When doing
our research they said that a good dog starts with the breeder and carry’s on to the owners. Thanks for your
support and we will keep the pictures coming. I am the picture happy person so when I get home  I will send
you some more. I have also lined up a Trainer to come to the house to work with us and to help train Rocco to
be the best he can be. We are all very excited about it.  I will let you know how that goes.

Calgary, Ab
Dec 2009
Dear Lena and Bob,

Thank you for letting this little bundle of joy leave the country with me to live in the US!

Jazz is so loved and yes, quite spoiled with “squeakers”, various chew toys and her padded beds scattered
throughout the house. She has brought so much playful energy, curiosity and unbridled joy to my life. Puppy
classes have been a learning experience for both of us. She is developing into such a little character –
rambunctious and mischievous, yet she has the sweetest disposition that everyone who meets her comments
upon. While she loves other dogs (and cats), she really knows how to work a room of people – one at a time!  I
couldn’t have asked for a better boxer puppy and life companion.

Thanks to you both for your support in my quest of finding the perfect puppy for me. Your mix of
professionalism combined with your genuine interest in people was refreshing to see in a breeder. Your
attitudes really show how much you both care about each puppy's future and wellbeing, especially when you
take the time to discover the best home for each of the individual puppy personalities, versus selling them to
whoever has the money and wants a dog. You really love these pups and it shows in the questions you ask
potential puppy owners and how you take the time to get to know people before you agree to a forever home
for them.

Jasmine is fantastic! She is growing healthily into those adolescent legs of hers, prances on her daily walks
(such a beautiful gait!) and is developing into a very well adjusted, happy boxer dog. Like her mom, Honey, she
is a snuggler and very much a lover!

It was a pleasure to get to know your extended family (both two and four legged) during my trips up north.
Your attitude, optimism and friendliness made those long hours driving north worth it.

Thank you again,
Jean and Jazz (Bolerame's Mi Corazon)
Bellingham, Washington

PS I wanted you to know my Bellingham veterinarian is so impressed with the health, vigor and disposition of
Jasmine, that he asked for a referral to you for some dear friends of his who are looking for a boxer with
these characteristics. He specially commented on Jasmine's gentleness at such a young age, her balanced body
structure and her gorgeous face.  So you might be getting another call or two from some more Americans in
the near future.
Hi Lena:

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing gift of unconditional love and completing our
family. Bon Jovi is absolutely amazing. He is one of my babies and I could not imagine life without him.

We changed his name to Max as Ashley can't remember the name Bon Jovi and gets frustrated... She tried
hard... But couldn't seem to get it, but he has many nicknames and comes to all of them

My children have the unconditional love they craved and missed from Memphis... The void and hole in their
hearts have been filled and he definitely steps in and cuddles and loves when it is needed the most.

Their are no words to thank you enough. He is very loved by all of us...

Kelowna, BC
Dec 2012
My wife and I found Bolerame Boxers while searching the internet for a new puppy to join our family and other dog; a
Shepherd/Collie cross named, Maya.  We had been looking for a Boxer puppy on and off for about a year.  We'd seen their
website in the past but unfortunately there were not puppies available.  On May 7th we got lucky.  We happened to be
searching the web again and found that Bolerame Boxers had just had a litter on May 5th (which ironically is the day that
Maya was born).  We immediately filled out an application but didn't have much hope as we assumed that most, if not all, of
the puppies would be spoken for.  We received a very nice email later that night from Lena Arkell stating that she really
liked our application and to keep in contact with her as the puppies grew.  Things started to fall into place.  The next day we
spoke by phone to check on the status of the litter - what a wonderful woman to speak with.  Lena told us that they were in
the process of screening all applications but that there were still a few puppies that were potentially available.  Of course
that was a waiting list for such fine puppies but our application was near the top.

We were very excited and stayed in contact regularly with Lena  by email, phone, checking the website and getting  updated
pictures as the puppies grew.  She was always so patient with us and all of our questions (as we had done a lot of research
but had never had a Boxer puppy before).  We were very taken with a classic fawn female who stole our hearts in the
pictures that we'd seen.  Early in June we made a visit to Bolerame Boxers to meet Lena, her family and the family of
Boxers.  What a great first meeting.  We were graciously welcomed into the Arkell home by Bob and Lena and some of the
other Boxer in the family.  They were extremely friendly, warm and made us feel so comfortable in their home.  It was a
great first experience and we were so excited to see what could be the new addition to our family.  We met Honey
(mommy)and the 8 other puppies and we'd have taken them all home if we could have; one cuter than the other.  The female
that we were interested in was immediately drawn to us and we knew that she was the one.  We had a lengthy visit and
played with all of the puppies and again, bob and Lena were so patient with all of the questions that we had.  

We stayed in contact for another four weeks as the puppies grew and on June 26th we found ourselves back at Bolerame to
pick up our new baby girl.  They were very professional and thorough as we filled out all of the necessary paperwork and
were kind enough to have some gifts for us and our new puppy, Lexi.  We found it difficult taking Lexi away from her mother
but we knew that she was going to have a loving home and a great life with us.   

We have had Lexi for about 4 months now and couldn't be happier.  It is very true what they say about a Boxer's
personality.  Lexi is such a goofy, playful little girl who gives us so much love and so many laughs.  She has been a great
playmate for our other dog, Maya, and they have been inseparable since day one.  We have stayed in contact with bob and
Lena, keeping them updated on Lexi's growth and progress and of course the occasional picture.  Lexi has brought a great
deal of joy and Laughter to our lives and there will definitely be another boxer in our future.  When we think of what a great
dog Lexi has turned out to be and the wonderful experience we had with Bob and Lena, we know that when its time for
another boxer we will absolutely call on Bolerame Boxers again.

Dan & Lori
Nanaimo, BC
October 2009.

UPDATE: April 21, 2011

Lena & Bob,

We just had to let you know that Lexi has provided us with MUCH MORE than the initial purchase price that we paid in laughs
and entertainment alone.  She has been a great addition to our family for the past 2 years, is a wonderful dog with a great
personality and is an extremely gentle and loving little animal.  We couldn't have picked a better dog for us.

Dan & Lori
Hello to you both!
One year ago tonight we received Cecelia on the plane...how time flies! We just wanted to say thank you for what
you do...breeding beautiful dogs, with the care and support I've never experienced before. So thank you for
everything...and especially for your continued friendship. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas
and a terrific New Year!

Attached is the video we took getting Cecelia off the plane one year ago tonight :)
Ellen,Clay, Desirae and Cecelia.
Dec 12,2015
Hi there! Just wanted to share a story with you as I can't tell you and your family how blessed we were and
still are to have added one of your dogs to our family. Almost 9 years ago we added a pure white deaf little
girl to our family named Sweet but spicy. We gave her the name Blueberry due to the one blue eye. She will
be 10 this year and has been the best dog we could have ever asked for. Just wanted to say thank you for
such a beautiful earth angel.  Would send a picture of her but unfortunately your messaging wont allow me to.

Warmest regards..Christa
May 5, 2019