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Honey being awarded 1st Award of Merit at the 2006 Boxer Club of Canada National Specialty
Honey winning Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex - 4 points
Show Photos
Mac winning Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed for 5 points and NEW CHAMPION.  Honey won Best of Opposite Sex for her first 4 points.
Mac and Honey in July, 2005 at the Evelyn Kenney Kennel Club dog show.  Mac became
a champion at this show winning Best of Winners (5 points over specials) and Best Puppy
in Breed) and Honey earned her 1st four points winnning Best of Opposite Sex (over
specials),and began her serious show career.  The judge was Frank Kane of England.
This is the show that Crystal Davies took over the handling of Honey and they never
looked back.  They have a fabulous chemistry together that resulted in win after win for
Honey.  In three days (spread out over 4 months), of showing, Honey earned her
The biggest thrill for us was when Honey was awarded 1st Award of Merit at the 2006 Boxer
Club of Canada National Specialty.  We entered Honey at Crystal's urging as we'd had no
intention of entering her in this show.  The judge was the very honourable Tim Hutchings of
Winuwuk Boxers in England.  One of the most esteemed breeder/judges in the world.  Honey
was handled to this honour by
Crystal Davies  (nee Tricker) of Tricker Boxers.  
We were absolutely ecstatic when Honey won the 2005 Boxer Club of Canada Regional
Specialty Sweepstakes in Nov 2005, only a week after becoming a champion.  She was
handled, as always, by Crystal Tricker.  The judge was Shirley Bell of
Bellcrest Boxers Reg'd
in Ontario.  Shirley is one of the top breeders in North America.  Her comment to Crystal was
"If I could take this bitch home and train her, I would".  
Honey in October 2005.  Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex.  A big 5 point win over
specials.  Judged by David Johnson of Australia and handled by Crystal Tricker.
The following weekend, after her 5 point win, Honey won Best of Opposite
for 4 points over specials to attain her Canadian Championship.  She was
handled by none other than Crystal Tricker