As we feel responsible for all puppies we have bred,  in the event that the Purchaser
does not wish to keep the puppy or can no longer care for it (no matter the issue or age),
the puppy  and it's registration papers, if applicable, MUST be returned to us and the
CKC or AKC transfer must be signed giving us back full ownership.

We offer a general health guarantee with a two year (from birth) life loss from hereditary problems.

All Pet/Companion puppies, regardless of colour, are sold on a
Non Breeding Agreement and also on a legally binding Spay / Neuter Contract

We require that all puppies sold by us will be indoor dogs and part of their new family environment.
Under no circumstances is chaining to be used as a regular means of confinement.

We do NOT cull our white Boxer puppies.

Please read the complete policies at
Please read and take note of our policies below, and a more
indepth page at
BEFORE completing our puppy application.  Thank you.

We have one, 1 year old, male Borzoi available.  See him HERE.

All other puppies from 2018 have been placed.  Please contact us for planned litters for 2019.

BOXER litter born November 18, 2018.  See them
Bolerame's Girl of Fire  x  Fireball's Digby

Please complete our Puppy Application if you are interested in a pup from either litter
or a pup from a planned litter. Specify which breed your are interested in, in "comments".