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MBPIB.Ch.Bolerame's Aragorn At Asuncion - Mac
Bolerame Brookes Tough Legacy  X  Am.Can.Ch.MGM's Stevie Ray Vaughan,SOMC
Co-owned with Ernest and Angie Friesen of Asuncion Boxers Reg'd
BPISS.MBPIB.Ch.Bolerame N Tricker's Dunedain - Strider
Ch.Bolerame's Arwen Evenstar  X  Ch.Annarva Pengalli All Spiced Up
Owned by Crystal Davies and Christine Tricker of
Tricker Boxers Reg'd
Bolerame Reg'd Boxers on Facebook
Bolerame's Coco Chanel - Cocoa
Ch.Bolerame's Arwen Evenstar X Am.Can.Ch.DeNevi's Dbl Chocolate Absolute
Ch.Newalba No Stripes Bolerame - Kitty
Ch.Newalba Asuncion's Little Crook  X  Am.Ch.Asuncion's Gone MIA
MBPIB.Bolerame's Girl on Fire - Princess
Bolerame's Coco Chanel  x  Ch.Berlane's High Expectations
Bolerame's Devilishly Good - Caleb
MBPIB.Bolerame's Girl on Fire  x  Ch.Mephisto's Knockout at NTK
Benaha's Let's Cause A Commotion - Ado
Benaha's Causin' An Uproar  X  Benaha's Let's Start A Riot