Dr. Mark Norman @ Fishcreek 24 Hr Pet Hospital - Calgary, AB
Dr. Mark Rubensohn @ Bridlewood Vet Clinic - Calgary, AB
Southpointe Pet Hospital (Reproduction Specialists) - Calgary, AB
Tri Lake Animal Hospital - Winfield, BC
Dr. Sue Cizek @ Pals With Paws Vet Clinic - Salmon Arm, BC


Affirm Kennels - Manning, AB                
Berlane Boxers - Edmonton, AB
Cyntech Boxers - Red Deer,  AB
Mephisto Boxers - Langley,BC
Rikar Boxers - DeWinton, AB
Tienlung Boxers - Tawatinaw, AB  


Canadian Kennel Club                
American Boxer Club         

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Chase'NStars Boxers - Beiseker, AB
Kennels of Pengalli - Langley, BC      
Newalba Boxers - Red Deer, AB
Tricker Boxers - Caroline, AB
Laureate Borzoi - Washington
Wolfwoods Borzoi - Millet, AB