Heart:   (SAS) Clear (no murmurs) (Doppler)
Heart:  0 PCVs (24 Hr holter, December 2006)
Ch.Bolerame's Arwen Evenstar
August 23, 2004 - July 27, 2013

Bolerame Brookes Tough Legacy X Am.Can.Ch.MGM's Stevie Ray Vaughan,SOMC
Honey, April 2011 at
6 1/2 years old.
Honey in the Veteran's ring at 7 years of age.
Honey left us suddenly on a beautiful summer evening in July 2013.   The evening before, it was such a gorgeous
evening that we'd all gone out and sat on the lawn and soaked up the last of the sun.  Brooke, Honey, JoJo and
Thorin.  I grabbed the camera and took photos.  I believe that God knew that Honey would be leaving us and that
He prompted me to take the photos.  The next evening she was outside with Bob for her last pee before bed and
when she came in, she stumbled with a surprised look on her face.  I jumped to her side calling for Bob and
Meghan and gently laid her on her side.  We were all with her ..... my hand over her heart I could feeling it racing
and then it got fainter and fainter until I could no longer feel it at all and she breathed her last.  We were there
when she was born and we were by her side when she left.  We were broken hearted....  I started to wonder if the
tears would ever stop.  She was always so healthy and now she was gone.... a month shy of her 9th birthday.   
We couldn't bear to put her in the ground and so, with the help of our veterinarian, she was cremated so that
wherever we go, she will come with us.  
Honey winning 1st  AWARD of MERIT
at the 2006 Boxer Club of Canada National Specialty
(entry of  83 Boxers, 38 Specials)
under Breeder judge Mr. Tim Hutchings (Winuwuk Boxers, UK)