July 5, 2002  - March 13,2015
Bolerame Brookes Tough Legacy
Beyers Shastas Legacy X Lansdell Tough Tyson Newhook
(linebred to Rayshar's Magic Moment)
Our first, very special, Boxer.  The one who taught us how wonderful Boxers are and the one who gave us the
desire to get involved with this fabulous breed and who, in her very first litter, produced 2 Canadian champions.  
Without her, there wouldn't be Bolerame Boxers Reg'd.  

Update:  On March 13, 2015 we came home from the movie theatre to find our Brookie had journied over the
Rainbow Bridge.  Although we thought that we'd prepared ourselves for her departure, it still hurt and shocked
us.  She'd been "frisky" and playful and we had hoped with spring here and her being able to get out more that
she'd reach her 13th birthday but it just wasn't to be.  We were only gone for 2 1/2 hours and before we left she
was wanting to go for a car ride and seemed to be full of pee and vinegar.

We buried her on the 2nd level of our property behind our house. She will never be disturbed and she is
surrounded by forest and the critters that inhabit it.   We will miss her until we meet with her again.  
Honey, JoJo and Brooke.  Christmas 2012
3 generations.  Brooke, Honey and Thorin.
June 2013