Bolerame Boxers and Borzoi Reg'd is located in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, Canada

Bolerame is pronounced Boh lair ah me.  It is the first 2 letters of each of our first names.  Bob, Lena, Rachel and Meghan.  

We have been involved with Boxers since September 2002 when we brought home, what was to be our foundation bitch,

olerame Brookes Tough Legacy.  However, our love of the Boxer breed stretched back 28 years when we housesat  the
home of Joanne Smith, who raised Boxer dogs at the time.  Our first encounter with the dogs was at feeding time and we
pretty much tossed the food to them and ran for, what we thought was, our lives.  The exuberant greeting of flapping
jowls and loud barking turned out not to be the "attack" that we thought it was but rather a very boisterous greeting.  
From that time onward, we were hooked on the breed, always  dreaming of owning our own Boxer someday.  

Before the day of the internet, we had no idea where to even begin searching for a Boxer breeder and we ended up with
Basenjis, Toy Poodles and Afghan Hounds.  We finally found a Boxer breeder and we were put on a waiting list.  As time
passed, we pretty much gave up hope of ever having a Boxer and unexpectedly we found ourselves the parents of our
2nd daughter (the older daughter being 21 1/2 at the time of her sister's birth).  A year after Meghan's birth, we got a call
from the breeder to say that she had a pup for us and were we still interested.  WERE WE EVER!!  So, finally, we found
ourselves the proud owners of a beautiful flashy fawn bitch who was line bred to Rayshar's Magic Moment.  We were in

When the time came to look for a mate for her, I searched the internet and found a beautiful son of the great
Am.Can.Ch.Berlane's Causin An Uproar,LOM to be the sire of Brooke's first litter.  She was bred to Am.Can.Ch.MGM's
Stevie Ray Vaughan,SOM and that mating produced 8 beautiful pups including 2 future Canadian champions, Ch.
Bolerame's Aragorn at Asuncion (Mac) and Ch.Bolerame's Arwen Evenstar (Honey).  You can read more about these two
lovely dogs on their individual pages.  

The rest is, as they say, History.

Borzoi had always been in the back of our minds.  Beautiful, elegant, gentle but oh so hard to find.  I was "talking" to
someone on Facebook who was fortunate enough to have one of these gorgeous dogs and he suggested that I contact
Monica Barry of Laureate Borzoi in Washington state.  She entrusted us with a lovely Borzoi bitch pup whom we named,
"Magic".  Funny, mischievous (I can't count how many of my shoes she ruined or anything that was within her reach,

including the remote key for my Town and Country) were words that I used (plus a few other unkind ones) for her but I
love this dog sooo much!!  Half a year later we were blessed with Bowie from Wolfwoods Borzoi in Alberta.  Later that
same year Monica entrusted Pippin with us.  Within a year and a half we didn't have one Borzoi but three of these
fabulous dogs.  

There are so many people that we owe thanks to.  I can't name all of you but there are a few that simply must be named.   
First of all... a HUGE thank you to Tammy Dombrowski for allowing Brooke to come and live with us.  A special thanks to
Merv and Sandy Bilton of MGM Boxers for allowing us to use "Stevie" for our first and third litters, to Ernest and Angie
Friesen  of Asuncion Boxers for helping us through that first litter and beyond and to Wilf and Christine Tricker and

Crystal Davies (nee Tricker) of Tricker Boxers for your friendship and support.  Thanks to all of you for all of the help,
encouragement and mentoring that you have given to us over the years.  We also want to thank Crystal Davies for not

only handling Honey to her championship but also for thrilling us all by being awarded First Award of Merit at the 2006
Boxer Club of Canada National Specialty. We also want to thank Wendy at Auburn Mist Training Center for teaching
Bob how to handle and get our pups ready for the show ring.  We belonged to an awesome local Boxer club,
The Alberta Boxer Club, and the members had been wonderful in involving us, helping us to learn about the Boxer
breed and showing support for us when we'd had a dog in the ring and giving us pointers on how to improve.  Many
thanks to Tamara Coli of Boyarka Boxers and K.C.O'Brien of Tienlung Boxers, for always getting us to the ring on time.
Now, we'd also like that thank Monica Barry of Laureate Borzoi, Robert and Susan Shaw of Wolfwood Borzoi and Cherie
Hunchak of Elance Borzoi for mentoring us in how to prepare a Borzoi for the ring.  Your knowledge has been invaluable.  

We are members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club and the Boxer Club of Canada.

Bob and Lena Arkell