50th Birthday Celebration
My birthday
present from Bob.
Byung Gu, Ernest and Benjamin find
their way to the food    --------->
Ron and Madison playing kissy face  ^
From the left:
Jenny (Asuncion
Boxers), Merv, Sandy
(MGM Boxers), Angie
and Ernest (Asuncion
Boxers).  What's
soooo amusing girls???
Ronnie and Meg find a good hiding place,
from Mom's camera, behind the balloons.
John and Sandy with the little
devil puppy
From the left:
Wilf, Crystal, Chase (Tricker
Boxers) and Wes (New Alba
Boxers) wondering if it would be
impolite to have a little snooze.
Me and a very old friend
(not as old as me, but old
nonetheless), Silly Sally.
Meghan with "uncle" Ron (#15, Calgary
Stampeder Ronald Lee [Ronnie] Hopkins,
for 9 years) and Ronnie Jr.
from the left: -------->
Wes, Sue (New Alba Boxers),
Christine (Tricker Boxers) and Cheryl
(Jems Boxers).
above ^
Ronnie and Meghan
John and one very wriggly 2 month
old Boxer pup, Madison.
I never did manage to get photos of Sheila
(Tybrushe Boxers), Val, Bob, Marilyn,
Joey, Janet or Andrew.  Thank you so
much to everyone for coming and
especially to my sister, Val, for all of her
help and for making my 50th a birthday I'll
never forget ..... uhmmm... what were we